Industry application
Industry application
Customized industry scheme

Laser marking

In addition, when selecting the lens focal length, you should also consider the whole mechanical equipment of your machine and equipment. If your machine and equipment is a laser m


The main technical parameters of welding field mirror are: working wavelength, incident pupil, scanning range and focusing spot diameter.


The cutting field mirror focuses the collimated laser beam at one point, improves the energy density of the laser beam, and uses the high energy of the laser to process various mat


Many customers want to buy a large format field mirror, which can be used in a wide range. Small products are applicable, and large products are also applicable. However, customers

Medical care

The optical lens of medical field mirror is generally called camera or photographic lens, and its function is optical imaging. Lens is an important component of machine vision syst


By changing the focusing characteristics of the laser, the beauty laser field mirror turns the laser point into a spot. Using the pattern generator, the scanning galvanometer is dr

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