Industry application
Industry application
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When selecting the scribing field mirror, three supporting aspects should be considered:

1. Matched with the equipment used

2. It shall be matched with the marking requirements

3. Of course, it should also be matched with the galvanometer, so when purchasing, you should make choices according to the following aspects

1. How long wavelength field mirror is required?

Wavelength can generally be matched with the machine. Many customers do not know how many wavelengths their machine is. In general, we use the following wave numbers:

Non metallic machines, using CO2 field mirrors, usually 10.6 microns: f-theta scanning field mirrors CO2 10.6um

Semiconductor machines, usually used to mark metal materials, have a wavelength of 1064nm: f-theta scanning field mirror 1064nm

Laser engraving machine, green laser machine, field mirror is usually 532nm wavelength: f-theta scanning field mirror 532nm

High precision laser marking machine with wavelength of 355nm: f-theta scanning field mirror 355nm

2. How many field mirrors with large light spots are required?

Generally, the galvanometer of our marking machine is 12mm light spot, and 12mm field mirror can be selected. Some customers are used as galvanometer welding machines. The galvanometer of the welding machine usually uses large light spots, such as 20mm, 25mm, 30mm... Etc., so we have to choose to match the equipment. At present, domestic galvanometer welding machines often have problems. The main reason is that the light spot of the matched field mirror is too small, so it is difficult to find the field mirror with large light spot, and the field mirror with small light spot is very easy to burn under the condition of bearing the high power of the welding machine.

Scribe field mirror

3. What size field mirror is required?

Many customers want to buy a large format field mirror, which can be used in a wide range. Small products are applicable, and large products are also applicable. However, customers often forget a problem. The larger the format of the field mirror, the larger the focal length and working distance of the corresponding field mirror, the greater the loss of laser energy, and the laser energy attenuates severely in the air. In other words, the larger the focal length of the field mirror, the thicker the lines and the shallower the material surface. Therefore, the format of the field selection mirror can meet the requirements of marking materials and lines, and we can't blindly pursue large.

4. What focal length field mirror is required?

In the case of the same format, due to the different design and processing capabilities of field mirrors by various manufacturers, field mirrors of the same format often appear, but the focal length is different. We believe that if the format is the same, the focal length should be as short as possible. Of course, due to the different design process, it is impossible to be infinitely short. We should pursue a shorter one as far as possible, because the deeper the field mirror with short focal length is marked, the thinner the line is.

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