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Industry application
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Optical fiber cutting field mirror

The focused high-energy laser melts the workpiece and forms a specific molten pool between the parts that need to be welded to accurately weld the parts. We provide a variety of lenses with different power, incident light spot and working range to meet complex application scenarios. At the same time, the achromatic lens is specially designed and processed to make the focal plane of laser band 915 / 1064nm coincide with that of imaging band 420-680nm, so as to realize coaxial monitoring and imaging capture in the whole field of view.

The cutting field mirror focuses the collimated laser beam at one point, improves the energy density of the laser beam, and uses the high energy of the laser to process various materials such as cutting, marking, welding, cleaning and surface treatment. At the same time, when the direction of the incident laser beam changes, the field mirror can still maintain the spot with the same relative size and energy density, The laser beam can process points at different material positions. The combination of field mirror and galvanometer which can quickly and accurately change the direction of laser beam can realize the high-speed and precise processing and processing of materials.


Function of laser cutting field mirror:

1、 The collimated laser beam is focused on the focus of a smaller area to improve the energy density of the laser beam and the ability and efficiency of laser processing.

2、 The change of laser beam direction by galvanometer is converted into the change of focus on the position of processing material, so as to realize high-speed and precision laser processing and processing.

Function of laser cutting field mirror:

1. The design has high machining accuracy, and all systems reach the diffraction limit;

2、F* θ Good linearity and small distortion;

3. Good roundness and high uniformity in the format.

Advantages of Huaying laser cutting field mirror:

1. Imported ultra-low absorption quartz material;

2. Good surface shape accuracy, high-precision assembly and calibration;

3. It can be customized according to customer parameters and respond quickly.

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