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Laser marking

How to choose laser marking airport mirror? When purchasing, customers should first consider the following aspects:

What wavelengths of field mirrors are used? What size field mirror is used? How many focal length field mirrors are used? How many light spot field mirrors are used? How many external thread field mirrors are used?

First: wavelength

About the wavelength of light. It must be the supporting facilities with their own equipment, but many terminal equipment do not know what wavelength their own equipment is. The laser wave here tells you that the equipment of non-metallic materials is generally μ m. That is, the field mirror of CO2; The equipment of semiconductor materials, that is, the equipment of key metal materials, has a light wavelength of 1064nm; The laser engraving machine, the equipment of green laser, and the field mirror have a light wavelength of 532nm.

Second: width

Relevant width. Many customers want to buy a large format field mirror, because they have to consider that their products are very large this time, and they also think that their products are likely to be higher next time, or they may have to be higher. In order to better long-term rights and interests, they buy a large format field mirror. However, we have forgotten a difficult problem. The larger the width of the field mirror, the larger the lens focal length and working distance of the matched field mirror. The longer the focal length of the lens, the larger the light spot of the laser focus point will be. All the same lasers are spread over the total area of a larger light spot, which must be smaller than the energy, which will cause the deep layer of laser marking to be very shallow. We all know that the attenuation coefficient of laser kinetic energy in the air is very strong. That is, the larger the lens focal length of the field mirror, the greater the kinetic energy consumption of the laser, and the thicker and lighter the wireframe. Therefore, the width of the field mirror must be appropriate, and there is no need to blindly follow the trend.

Third:focal length

The third is about the lens focal length. Under the same width standard, because the design schemes and production capacity of various field mirror manufacturers are different, field mirrors with the same width will occur, and the lens focal length will be different. Under the condition of the same width, the less the focal length of the lens, the better. However, due to the design scheme and processing technology, it is impossible to be infinitely short. Then we can ask for a field mirror with short lens focal length as short as possible. Because the field mirror with short lens focal length is deep and the wireframe is thin. It must also be noted that the smaller the lens focal length, the smaller the relative aperture, so the higher the flatness requirement for the surface of the object marked by laser. Therefore, the surface of the object with fluctuation or arc is not suitable for the field mirror with short lens focal length. The focal length of the lens is long, and the lens is long. In that case, a little fluctuation on the surface of the object is allowed, which is not easy to endanger the actual effect of making the base price. However, we should also note that the longer the focal length of the lens, the smaller the specific energy of the focus and the lighter the marking. Therefore, we should pay attention to selecting a laser generator with a larger output power and its supporting facilities.

Fourth:light spot

The fourth is about light spots. Generally, the scanning galvanometer of your laser engraving machine is generally 12 light spots, so you can choose 12 light spots for your field mirror. However, some customers buy field mirrors for scanning galvanometer automatic welding machines. We understand that the scanning galvanometer of automatic welding machines is generally large light spots, such as 20 light spots, 25 light spots, 30 light spots and 36 light spots. Then the field mirrors we use should be equipped with supporting facilities. Most of the problems in China's scanning galvanometer automatic welding machine are due to the lack of a field mirror with large light spots. The field mirror with small light spot will burn down at once when it undertakes the power of automatic welding machine.


Fifth:Selection of external thread of field mirror

The fifth part is about the selection of external thread of field mirror. Everyone knows that the lower side of the scanning galvanometer is the field connecting mirror, so the external thread of the field mirror must be suitable for its own scanning galvanometer. The external threads of the scanning galvanometer are generally M85 * 1, M102 * 1, m * 1, m58 * 1, M55 * 1, etc. the common is M85 * 1. The external thread socket of the imported SCANLAB scanning galvanometer is M79 * 1. Then you can use the supporting facilities with the scanning galvanometer. If you really can't find a matching field mirror, there is another solution. Just get an external thread conversion socket. Generally, the manufacturers of laser lettering machine server cabinet have this thing

Selection of laser marking field mirror

The common camera lenses in laser marking machines include 50 * 50, 110 * 110, 160 * 160, 220 * 220, 300 * 300, 500 * 500, etc. How to use different camera lenses is actually how to choose different lens focal length. The key factors are decision-making: the actual specification of the guaranteed object; The size of laser marking scope must be; The level of detail of production and processing and the overall matching of machinery and equipment must be.

The lens focal length is related to the working spacing. However, the lens focal length does not mean the working spacing. When the items are relatively large and the scope of laser marking increases, the necessary camera lens is also relatively large. Manufacturers generally like scanners, which have a wide range of laser marking. If you blindly increase the total area of the scanner, many problems will occur. That is, when the total area of the scanner reaches a certain level, the obtained spot diameter is very large, the concentration is not small enough, the light spot increases, the loss of frame increases, the power of the laser decreases rapidly, and the extension of the working spacing will inevitably lead to the loss of the kinetic energy of the laser. Unfavorable to precision machining.

In addition, when selecting the lens focal length, you should also consider the whole mechanical equipment of your machine and equipment. If your machine and equipment is a laser marking machine and a 10W laser lettering machine, it is suggested that the camera lens should not exceed 300 * 300. The larger the camera lens of the laser, the higher the cost to the laser, the poor light quality, and the actual effect of laser marking will be reduced.


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